I consider myself a serious fine artist who has photographed the world during my travels most of my life.  Photography has been the ultimate form of creativity, allowing me to expand the imagination by thoughtfully communicating ideas and emotions. My vision has allowed me to capture unique insights about interesting people and places I’ve experienced. As someone who cares deeply about preserving our natural environment, I have a strong devotion and commitment to documenting wildlife and nature.

For me, photography is a powerful medium that can help people better relate to the world and its many diverse cultures. The images chosen for my fine art collection are the result of spending hours waiting for just the right light to support my compositions.  Each image is the result of fine- tuning in the digital darkroom to achieve the results you see on these pages. I love working with clients to ensure the finished art meets their goals for aesthetics and display in their home or commercial setting. 

After receiving his BA from the University of Virginia, Bob served as an instructor and branch chief at the United States Air Force Photography School.  He then received his MA degree from the University of Denver and went on to found two of Denver’s most successful advertising, marketing and public relations agencies.  He’s received numerous awards for creativity throughout his career.   Since selling his agency, he’s devoted his energies to his passion for photography, exhibiting primarily in local Denver area galleries.