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Moss growing on a shaded tree in Ireland's Kilarney National Park.Aspen trees on a hillside in Vail, Colorado.South Park Colorado Aspen LeavesCactus trees stand out against the stark vegetation of the Masai Mara  plains in Kenya.Fall splendor contrasts a gray rock wall on Keblar Pass on the way to Crested Butte, Colorado.Yellowstone Tangle Creek WinterFire like colors of red and yellow paint the horizon as the sun rises on the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.Golden aspen leaves above a canyon wall near Vail, Colorado.Aspen gold forms a narrow path among the trees near Moab, Utah.Aspen trees outline an abandoned silver mine near Creede, Colorado's last silver mining boom town.Morning sun shines through a grove of pines forming long shadows  in the snow at Yellowstone National Park.Colorado Color_F8A1754-EditSouth Park Colorado Aspens_MG_1962Fall Aspens-3304-2